Learning Behaviours

High Tunstall is an educational establishment where we have continued to put the students at the heart of everything we do, something we are very proud of.  Students at High Tunstall are truly at the heart of their own developments and understand what learning means and in their desire to see continued improvement at the College they devised the High Tunstall College of Science learning behaviours.  Our students believe that they will only achieve well at College by working hard on meeting each of these behaviours;

1.  Focused on Learning

By being focused at all times in the lessons that you are in engaged with will mean that no learning time will be lost and distractions will be avoided.

2.  Respect

By respecting each other’s views and opinions allows you to discover more about the learning you are doing.  If you are not respectful to others they will be less willing to share their views with you and thus lessen your learning opportunity.

3.  Initiative

Learning is not all about what the teacher does, it is about what students do to engage and discover outside the classroom.  Taking the initiative in researching and completing extended learning activities is at the heart of what we all do.

4.  Motivation

To be a successful learner you must be motivated by what is going on around you.  If you cannot find the motivation to study and are not inspired by those around you then you will not be successful in achieving your goals.  We aim to motivate all our students to actively engage in their learning at college and beyond.

5.  Participation

High Tunstall College of Science offers you many opportunities to take part in and only by taking advantage of these opportunities and participating will you truly be able to succeed and reach your own personal goals.