World Affairs

Faculty Team

Mrs Laura Glass, Faculty Leader
Miss Victoria Dring, Second in Faculty
Miss Lucy Claber, Teacher of Humanities
Mr John Leary, Lead Teacher
Ms Julie Francis, Teacher of Humanities
Mrs Laura Ovens, Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Humanities
Mr Andrew Rayner, Teacher of Humanities
Mr Matthew Thompson, Teacher of Humanities
Mr Daniel Trumper, Teacher of Humanities
Ms Emma Watson, Senior Teacher (Achievement and Standards)


The focus of learning in the World Affairs Faculty is the study of people and their relationships, and interactions, in terms of time, place, belief and environment.  We aim to encourage and foster an understanding of students place in the world.

World Affairs is taught as three distinct subject disciplines with cross curricular themes developed where possible at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.  Through promoting a common approach and the specific knowledge, understanding and skills of Citizenship, Philosophy and Ethics, Geography and History we hope to achieve these aims.

We intend for students to enjoy and embrace learning in the World Affairs Faculty, to reach their potential, and to thrive as independent learners through a varied yet challenging curriculum utilising the expertise of supportive teachers for individual student needs.

Key Stage 3


Year 7
Religion in Hartlepool
Religion and the Environment
Year 8

Government and Politics
International Relations
EU and UN
Human Rights P1
Human Rights P2
Good V Evil
Religion, Poverty and Wealth

Year 9
Religion and Science
Religion Peace and Justice


Year 7
Geography Matters
Into Africa
Natural Hazards
People and Cities
Beautiful Biomes
Year 8
Map Skills
Money, Money, Money!
Year 9 

Geography Rocks!
Asian Adventures
Money, Money, Money!


Year 7
Using Historical Skills
Britain pre 1066 & 1066-1500
Medieval World
Britain 1500-1750
Tudors and Stuarts
Year 8
Britain 1750-1900
Age of Change
Age of Empires
Black Peoples of the Americas
Year 9
Tommies, Trenches and Tanks WW1
WW2 and Holocaust
Cold War
Vietnam War

Key Stage 4


Year 10
Philosophy and Ethics
OCR Human Relationships
OCR The Existence of God
OCR Peace and Conflict
OCR Dialogue Between Religious and Non-Religious Beliefs and Attitudes
OCR Rights, The Law and the Legal System
OCR Democracy and Government
Year 11
Philosophy and Ethics

OCR Philosophy & Ethics B602 Good and Evil (Philosophy)
OCR Philosophy & Ethics B602 Religion and Science (Philosophy)
OCR Philosophy & Ethics B601 The End of Life/Spiritual Experience(Philosophy)
OCR Revision
OCR A341 Controlled Assessment 1
OCR A344 Controlled Assessment 2
OCR A342/A343 Revision
OCR Revision


Year 10
AQA Paper 1 Section A – The Challenge of Natural Hazards
AQA Paper 1 Section B – The Living World
AQA Paper 1 Section C – Physical Landscapes in the UK
AQA Paper 3 Section B – Fieldwork
Year 11
Edexcel A 5GA04 Controlled Assessment
Edexcel A 5GA01 Geographical Skills and Challenges
Edexcel A 5GA02/5GA03 Revision


Year 10
Edexcel 2016 Crime and Punishment c1000AD – Present and Whitechapel c1870-c1900: Crime, Policing and the Inner City
Edexcel 2016 Henry VIII and his ministers, 1509-40

Year 11
Controlled Assessment/AQA B Unit 2 USA Roaring 1920s
AQA B Unit 2 USA Roaring 1920s/Depression and New Deal USA 1930s
AQA B Unit 2 1930s/Vietnam War 1954-75
Vietnam War 1954-75/AQA B Revision

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students show interest and enthusiasm across all subjects as demonstrated in outstanding achievements in many awards through the World Affairs Faculty:

  • Since November 2013, students have entered the “Youth Speaks” Rotary Club public speaking competition which delivers fantastic insights into philosophical topics and has previously allowed us to win and progress to the North of England Round. A junior and senior team will again be entered for 2015/16.
  • The school will be creating a youth debating contest for house teams to compete. This will require teams of three at both key stages to compete for a chance to progress to national competitions by debating topical issues, passionately.
  • Also watch out for the World Affairs Inter House competitions in March and May 2016.
  • In October 2016, students will be visiting Belgium to commemorate and reflect upon the huge national and international significance of the Great War.  The trip includes visits to Bayernwald – Croonaert Wood (re-created German trenches), In Flanders Fields Museum, many sites of former battles and we will take part in the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate. The date of the trip is important as it coincides with the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. The trip is available to students in Y8-Y11.

Additional Information

Revision sessions and controlled assessment sessions are held each year to support and focus on upcoming GCSE exams.

General Exam Technique

Coastal Landscapes Revision

Tectonic Landscapes Revision