T20 Student Learning Behaviours

Learner’s are….

Aspirational – We demonstrate a desire to learn and are keen to achieve our potential within lessons and over time.

Active – We question what we are told and use the knowledge and skills we develop through application in different contexts.

Resilient – We accept challenge and demonstrate skills that enable us to work through problems. Good levels of peer support exist between us.

Reflective – We are adept in evaluating our own skills and are able to assess our own progress and that of others.

Innovative – We look for creative solutions to problems and research information that enables us to develop our own thinking and to support others.

Problem SolversWe enjoy solving problems and challenges and demonstrate a range of strategies that enable us to do this.

Flexible – We are happy to adapt to different contexts and value alternative approaches to developing our skills and knowledge.

Leaders – We are self-reliant and accept the challenge of leading our own learning and that of others.

Communicators – We are able to articulate our thoughts clearly, co-operate well with each other and work effectively in teams.

IndependentWe are able to operate independently in and beyond classrooms and are able to map our own direction to make progress.