Using appropriate revision techniques is critical in helping students prepare for examinations.  Each individual student will find that certain techniques may suit them better than others due to their learning style.  To support students with this we have prepared documents to help students to establish the most successful way for them to revise during their examinations.

Revising for Examinations

Preparing Effectively for Examinations

Useful Subject Revision Resources;


Creativity Revision Guide for Parents


Separate Award Revision Booklet

Trilogy Revision Booklet 2018


Study Maths GCSE Questions

Mathematics Revision Pack

Modern Foreign Languages

A*/A French

MFL Revision Pack

Technology and Enterprise

Technology and Enterprise Revision Pack

Year 11 Revision Materials

Revision Guide – Business Studies

March 2018 Year 10 Forecast exam revision – Business Studies

Revision booklet – Business Studies

Business activity and People revision

Unit 3 Business Studies Revision Booklet

OCR External Env Sheet – Business Studies

World Affairs

World Affairs Revision Pack

Knowledge Organiser Magenta Activities

AQA Geography Revision Checklist

KS3 Geography

GCSE Geography

GCSE Geography Revision Google Drive

KS3 History

GCSE History

GCSE History Revision Google Drive


GCSE Citizenship Revision Google Drive

GCSE Philosophy & Ethics Revision Google Drive

More revision materials and homework tasks are available on MyUSO and Google Drive for all year groups.