Head Boy and Head Girl

Our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017-18 are Belal El-Mashharawi and Niamh Hogan.

HB HG 17-18

Hello everyone, we are proud and honoured to have been offered the positions of Head Boy and Head Girl and High Tunstall.  We would like to thank everyone who supported us and voted, and say well done to the other candidates as they all worked extremely hard.  We are excited to work with the fantastic students we have across the different year groups and we look forward to creating an even better school environment.  We are striving to achieve better hygiene; improve charity days in College and get more and more students involved in events in and around College.  Looking for the best, we would like to cultivate our ethos “Inspire, Support, Achieve” deeper into our fellow students, and live the experience of applying them.  Thankfully, and luckily, our school provides us with really excellent opportunities that allow us to apply our ethos alongside enjoying them.  We are both excited for the year ahead and to come together to create new ideas.