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HTCS Vs St. Hilds – Netball!

Posted on 25 Feb 2014
1st quarter: The match was played at High Tunstall on 13.02.2014.  St Hilds received the first centre pass.  The first goal was to High Tunstall scored by Ohona!!! High Tunstall’s centre pass, this was passed on to Evie.  When the ball arrived in the circle Ohona shot and scored

APP Students Re-test at Hartlepool Sixth Form College!

Posted on 24 Feb 2014
On Friday 14th February the APP students travelled to Hartlepool Sixth Form College, to attend a retesting of the arrow head, vertical jump, multi stage fitness, flexibility, and 20m sprint tests to see if they have made any progress after being provided with training programmes to im

Cathy Cassidy Comes to Town!

Posted on 12 Feb 2014
On Monday 10th February, 35 Year 7 girls and members of staff went to the Town Hall Theatre to see well known, best-selling author Cathy Cassidy to give a talk on promoting literacy and the joy of reading.  Cathy has written books such as ‘Indigo Blue’, ‘Dizzy’ and lots more and has t

Outdoor Educational Activities with Endeavour and West View Project!

Posted on 10 Feb 2014
Recently a group of HTCS students have been attending outdoor education sessions with the Endeavour Project and West View Project.  The groups have taken part in wall climbing, forest survival skills, and even managed to climb to the top of Roseberry Topping during one of the wettest

Key Stage 3 Girls Bust Some Moves in the Dance City!

Posted on 10 Feb 2014
On Friday 7th February, Debbie Waistell from Dance City, a dance school based in Newcastle, came into High Tunstall to work with a range of students on a contemporary dance routine. The aim of the sessions was to identify talented dancers within High Tunstall to be then invited to a t

Netball Match Report – High Tunstall v St. Hilds!

Posted on 06 Feb 2014
St. Hilds scored first 1 minute into the game shortly followed by a goal from High Tunstall.  Not long after High Tunstall scored again.  After many great passes down the court High Tunstall scored twice.  Not long after High Tunstall scored 5 more times until the game stopped for qua

High Tunstall Christmas Market!

Posted on 05 Feb 2014
2013 saw the first High Tunstall Christmas Market hosted by Year 9 and Year 11 Enterprise students and Year 10 Hospitality students.  All of the students had worked incredibly hard in not only preparing their products for selling but also making sure that all the necessary ‘extras’ we

An Educational Excursion to the Wet and Wonderful Lake District!

Posted on 03 Feb 2014
What better time is there to take a group of geographers to the Lake District than in autumn? We thought it was perfect too, especially when they had to wear the lovely red, blue and green waterproof clothing for the day ahead of them… So why were we visiting? The Year 11s are underta

Student Success Story – Paul Braithwaite!

Posted on 03 Feb 2014
In Year 6 I was at West Park Primary School sitting my SATs and preparing myself to go to High Tunstall.  In primary there were a lot of opportunities provided in the form of different teams and activities.  I experienced new sports and activities such as tag rugby and gymnastics for

Anti-Bullying News!

Posted on 30 Jan 2014
We have recently been working towards our silver award, and the good news is that we have achieved our silver award.  During anti-bullying week we baked cakes and sold them, the money that we made was put towards the Diana award, this is a charity that helps support those who are bein