A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work. All young people need a planned programme of activities to help them make post-16 choices that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers throughout their lives.

At High Tunstall College of Science we aim to prepare our students with the essential knowledge, skills and attributes and make sure they make the most of changing opportunities in learning and work. It is vital that students make informed decisions about their and post 16 routes whilst becoming independent. At High Tunstall we provide careers education in Years 8 to 11 and give students access to information, advice and guidance that is relevant to all possible post-16 routes.

The college measures and assessed the impact of the careers programme by looking into figures from the Local Authority that outline the percentages of students who go on to further and higher education. Hartlepool overall have shown strong figures in the area, being the second lowest for NEET figures and 2nd lowest for the Not Known figures. Cumulatively this meant that Hartlepool were first overall. In comparison to other schools in the area, figures show that High Tunstall is doing very well. 

Mrs T Thompson is the Careers Lead at High Tunstall. Her role is to support and guide students’ career choices to ensure they make the most suitable choices for their post-16 goals. Mrs Thompson can be contacted at the college on 01429 261446 or via email:

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